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If I could, I would: Project Breastfeeding goes viral

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (CBS) -- A Tennessee dad's campaign to get fathers more involved in breastfeeding has gone viral.

Photographer Hector Cruz says it's personal.

When his wife was pregnant, he wanted to learn about caring for newborns, but says he wasn't allowed in breastfeeding classes.

So, when it came time for 2 a.m. feeding, there were issues.

"We had a lot of issues and I did not know how to help. I felt frustrated, confused and helpless. I know if I felt that way, there are other fathers out there facing a similar struggle," Cruz said.

That's how Project Breastfeeding was born.

According to a CDC report from last year, women are more successful at nursing when fathers support them.

Cruz says that's why it's important to educate dads about the process.

You can learn more about project breastfeeding by visiting their website here:

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