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Dayton Dragons mascot signs to deaf fan

DAYTON, Ohio (WRGT/WKRC) -- It is a video being shared around the web after a young deaf boy from Germantown, Ohio made an unexpected connection with the Dayton Dragon's mascot, Heater.

Hunter Samworth, 7, may be a bit camera shy, but he is not shy about his favorite team.

The Samworths were at the game on Saturday. "I met Heater and Gem," signed the 7-year-old.

[Watch the entire interaction between Hunter and Heater here]

"We were outside getting ready to go in and there was Heater and Gem, so Hunter ran up," Hunter's mom, Cheri recalled. "So next thing you know, I'm telling Hunter, say, 'It's nice to meet you.'"

Unexpectedly, a Green Team member escorting Heater starting signing back to him. So Dad started recording it and that is when the mascot himself joined in. They exchanged names and talked about the big game.

"You can see on the video, his smile is like, he gets me, he speaks my language, he understands me," Cheri said. :Just a completely different experience for Hunter."

"It just froze, everything froze. It was just, the look on his face was just priceless," Hunter's dad, Matt Samworth recalled.

The Dragons were playing an away game on Wednesday so Heater and members of the Green Team have the day off, but we did talk to a Dragons representative who said they were both thrilled they were in the right place at the right time.

"We always say it's like going to France, and not speaking French. That's what Hunter goes through every day," Cheri explained. "You know there's a lot of people that do sign... We try. But for someone to come to him in that kind of venue and be able to sign to him is just unbelievable. It just makes his experience totally different."

It is an experience Hunter and Heater both won't soon forget.



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