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Darling car decals can be dangerous

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (Natalie Jenereski/WTVC) -- A warning about stickers on the back of your car. Turns out, the sometimes darling decals could be dangerous for your family. You can learn a lot about someone just by looking at the back of their vehicle. But those cute car stickers can also attract criminals, just waiting for the opportunity to learn more about their next victim.

"I don't like to know for random people to know where my children are at." And most parents would probably agree with mother of 2, Angela Tuttle. Especially if that random person is targeting children.

"We live in a society where we put way too much information out there." That information is easier than ever to get. What team you play for, and where you have cheerleading practice. Shelley McGraw with the Children's Advocacy Center has seen it first-hand. "For folks that are intending to do some type of harm to kids who are actually out there looking, you'd be surprised what they can figure out."

McGraw says it's important to not put your kids in these vulnerable positions. "It's really important for parents to be smart and remember that children can be very easily manipulated. They can have strangers come up to them, and the strangers have gotten information off those cars and be able to use that information to make the child believe that they know this person."

So while you you may think that just having a stick figure family on your car wouldn't pose much of a threat, it can be just enough to lure a little kid into the hands of a stranger. "Sometimes these sorts of things are not the smart things to do, it's putting yourself out there. At the same time, most of the time, kids are going to be harmed by somebody that they know so the risk is small but it is still a risk."

Parking passes hanging from your rear view mirror can also tip off a criminal to where you work or live.

The final message, be mindful of what put on your cars.

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