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Boulder stops 1 foot shy from wrecking Mass. church

SAUGUS, Mass. (Derek Drake) -- Many are saying the video above shows God's intervention to save a church from a 20-ton boulder from leveling it.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube last Friday and shows the end result of a construction blast near the Grace ministries Church on Main Street in Saugus, Mass.

"If it rolled another 12 inches, it would have gone right through the building," Pastor Rick LeClair told WCVB-TV. "This boulder was probably 20 tons."

An excavation company was clearing out a property next to the church for an ongoing construction project.

The footage shows the rock rolling through protective blast barriers that had been put up to protect the church from any potential debris. But as the pastor alluded to, it appears it was saved by something much stronger.

"The Lord just kinda said, 'That's enough,'" LeClair said.

According to WCVB, Grace Ministries feeds thousands of people through their food pantry, housed at the church. And was a mere foot from being completely wiped out.

LeClair said had the boulder continued into the building, it likely would have closed the church down.


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