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August 8th On This Day

Today in 1709 Bartolomeu de Gusmao piloted the first known ascent in a hot-air balloon.  He was indoors.

In 1839 the fraternity Beta Theta Pi was founded in Oxford,OH.  The "Men of Principle" live by the motto, "Cooperation Makes Strength" and their symbols are a dragon, star and diamond.

Thomas Edison patented his invention, the mimeograph, today in 1876.  That's a fancy name for a low-cost printing press.

Betty Boop premiered today in 1930 in the animated film, "Dizzy Dishes".  You can watch the cartoon above or click HERE.

Today in 1968 the iconic picture of the Beatles crossing the street was taken.  The photo was later used on the cover of their 11th studio album, "Abbey Road".

Richard Nixon accepted the nomination as candidate for Presidency today in 1972.  On the same day, two short years later, President Richard Nixon announced his resignation due to the Watergate Scandal effective the next day.  Watch his resignation HERE.

On this day in 1976 "Boston", by the rock band Boston, was released.  According to it would become the #1 best-selling debut album in history until "Appetite for Destruction" by Guns N' Roses debuted on September 23, 2008.  Take a listen HERE.


1937: Dustin Hoffman- Actor

1938: Connie Stevens- Actress

1976: J.C. Chasez- N*Sync

1976: Drew Lachey- 98 Degrees

1981: Roger Federer- Tennis Pro

1988: Beatrice of York- Known for her unique headwear

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