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Armless Musician Sharing Inspirational Message With World

MODESTO, Calif. (CBS) " A man born without arms is sharing his musical gift, traveling all across the world to do it.

When you watch George Dennehy play his guitar, it is effortless. But, also a surprise, the guitar is being played with his feet.

I was born in Romania and I was born without arms, said Dennehy.

Getting to this point was a struggle. He was rejected by his village in Romania at birth, and his family gave him up for adoption in hopes he would have a better life.

It was believed that if a baby wasnt born perfect or completely healthy, they were cursed with God, said Dennehy.

After a year and a half neglected in an orphanage, Dennehy was adopted. His life got better, and at 8 years old, everything changed.

My mom signed me up for music lessons. I started playing the cello; then, when I got to middle school and high school, I started picking up the guitar and the bass guitar, said Dennehy.

After years of feeling sorry for himself, he had a different perspective.

Every life has a purpose and God created everyone for a reason, said Dennehy.

Now, music is what keeps his head up.

Music is the only thing I think Im OK at. I dont really think Im good at anything else, so its just what I do, said Dennehy.

Acoustic and emotional, his music speaks to people. Dennehy is traveling the world, sharing his story and perspective that changed his life.

I like to go around and tell people anythings possible, said Dennehy. I dont ever want to hear I cant or this is too hard because anything is possible.

Dennehy performed in Modesto over the weekend. He lives in Virginia, and released an original album last month.

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