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Actors surprised in casting call for dads in new World's Toughest Job

OKLAHOMA CITY (Jay Dillon/KOKH) -- They're back. The same group who made the World's Toughest Job ad for Mother's Day have made another one for Father's Day and this one catches actors by surprise.

The Cardstore put together the video "Dad Casting - World's Toughest Job" with men auditioning for the role of "dad".

The video shows the multiple men going through the motions of auditioning, script in hand. The men go through typical dad scenes: teaching kids how to drive, questions about bikini choices, fighting about whether or not to eat dinner, etc.

But when the fellow actors go off script, they're told to do it the way they're dad would have done it, and everything changes.

The video is made by the same company that made the World's Toughest Job where job applicants were surprised by the high demands of the job. The video was posted in April on YouTube that instantly went viral, with over 20 million views.

(Video courtesy: YouTube)

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