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7am stumper 6-5-14

School's out, but some students still have summer reading lists. However, others will read for fun this summer-- maybe by the pool or on the beach. Many of those books will come from the public library.

Where does the Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County rank on list of nation's largest libraries?
1. 13th
2. 20th
3. 27th

The answer is: 1. 13th

On its website, the American Library Association has a list of the nation's 100 largest libraries by volumes held. It's probably no surprise that the Library of Congress tops the list with nearly 36 million volumes. The Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County ranks 13th on the A.L.A. list with 8.8 million volumes.

Here's an interesting fact about that: 16 of the A.L.A.'s top 20 libraries are university libraries. The Library of Congress and the New York and Boston Public Libraries are the only non-university libraries in the top 20 that are larger than the Cincinnati Library.

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