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7am stumper 6-4-14

Some people say they just can't get going without it. Coffee is how many Americans start their day. Many enjoy it with a meal later in the day, too, and it seems like the specialty coffee shops are popping up everywhere. 

What is the percentage of adult Americans who drink coffee?
1. 61%
2. 73%
3. 83%

The answer is: 3. 83%

According to the website for the National Coffee Association, coffee consumption jumped by five percentage points in 2013.  The group's market research study indicates that 83% of the U.S. adult population now drinks coffee. The study indicates 63% drink it everyday, and those who drink coffee at least once a week stands at 75%. Now, for those "fancy" coffees, the website says its study found 31%, nearly a third of the population, drinks a gourmet coffee beverage every day.

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