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7am stumper 6-3-14

For many high school seniors, graduation is over and they're looking forward to tackling college in another few months. If so, perhaps they should prepare for more than four years of chasing that degree. The Federal Department of Education charts that kind of thing.

What percentage of students get a bachelor's degree in 48 months?
1. 44%
2. 55%
3. 66%

The answer is: 1. 44%

The National Center for Education Statistics has data on college students from 2008. The U.S. Department of Education Website says, according to figures for 2008, 44% of 2007-2008 first time bachelor's degree recipients get that degree within 48 months of the first time they enrolled in college. Another 23% received a bachelor's degree within 49-60 months. The website says the median time it took for all 2008 bachelor's degree recipients to get their degree was 52 months.

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