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7am Stumper 5-30-14

According to a report on the CBS News website, almost a third of the world is now overweight or obese and no country has figured out how to stop the trend.

What's the average weight for American men over 20 years old?
1. 173.3 lbs
2. 184.4 lbs
3. 195.5 lbs

The answer is: 3. 195.5

These are figures from the Centers for Disease Control last updated in 2012. The CDC says the average weight for an American man, 20 years old and older, is just about 196 pounds. The average height was a shade taller than 5-feet-9 inches. The average weight for an American woman, 20 years old and older, is about 166 pounds with an average height of 5-feet-4 inches. The CBS News website reports that a recent CDC study found some progress in reducing obesity in young children in the United States, but overall, the nation has the same weight problem it did about a decade ago.

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