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A Wind Advisory will be in effect for the entire Tri-State from 7am to 10pm Monday. Sustained winds tonight and tomorrow will range between 15 and 25mph, and wind gusts may exceed 40mph through Monday night.


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7am stumper 5-28-14

The NBA playoffs are underway. The NHL postseason is, too.  All of the major professional sports leagues in North America award trophies to their champions, but hockey's championship trophy is different.

How does the Stanley Cup differ from other championship trophies?
1. no new trophy each year
2. no precious metals
3. team never takes possession of trophy

The answer is:  1. no new trophy each year

Three of the four major professional sports leagues in North America all produce a new trophy each year. In hockey, the Stanley Cup is not made each year. The winning team keeps the Cup until the next champion is crowned. The website mentalfloss.com says after each championship, the names of the players, coaches, management, and staff of the winning team are added to the cup on bands. The bands are removable so that the Cup can accommodate new names when it runs out of room. The website also says the NHL gives each championship team 100 off-season days with the Cup. The 1994 New Jersey Devils formalized the tradition of letting each player have the trophy for one day.

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