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7am stumper 5-27-14

"X-Men," "Godzilla," ... You know it's officially summer when the blockbuster movies hit theaters.  The first "Jaws" film is generally considered the first summer blockbuster. The entertainment website,, says when "Jaws" was released in the summer of 1975, 67-million Americans went to see it. One of the stars of the film was the great white shark that terrorized everyone in the movie. A mechanical shark, nicknamed "Bruce," was used for the film.

How many mechanical sharks were made for filming of "Jaws"?
1. one
2. three
3. five

The answer is: 2. three

According to the website,, three mechanical "Bruces" were made, each with specialized functions and each one cost approximately $250,000. They were expensive, but apparently not very reliable. The website says the shark was never tested in the water, and the first time it was put into the ocean it sank straight to the ocean floor. Divers retrieved it, but says the mechanical shark was broken down for much of the shooting schedule.

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