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7am stumper 5-13-14

If you want to meet a billionaire, perhaps London gives you the best chance. The British newspaper, The Sunday Times, reports that London has 72 billionaires. That's many more than Moscow, which had 48, and New York, which had 43. Today's stumper moves the wealth meter down, and closer to home.

What state in the U.S. has highest concentration of millionaires?
1. Connecticut
2. Maryland
3. Massachusetts

The answer is: 2. Maryland

Phoenix Market International, a global marketing services firm, released its annual ranking of millionaires per capital by state in January. The report on its website says Maryland stayed atop the ranking of states with the highest percentage of millionaires per capita. Other states had more millionaires, but Maryland had the biggest concentration. According to the survey, Maryland had more than 169-thousand millionaire households in 2013, or 7.7% of its population. The survey showed a little less than four percent of Kentucky residents are millionaires, Indiana is right at four percent, and millionaires made up about four and a half percent of Ohio's population.

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