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7am Stumper 5-12-14

Dayton will be the latest Ohio city to install surveillance cameras to deter crime in specific problem areas. The Dayton Daily News reported that the city will install 27 new cameras so that police officers can watch specific events or places in real time. Ohio law enforcement in several cities, including Cincinnati, already use closed circuit television-- or CCTV-- feeds and footage. There are some privacy concerns, but CCTV has been around for decades.
For what were the first closed circuit television feeds used?
1. watch German rocket site
2. watch Times Square
3. watch Pentagon

The answer is: 1. watch German rocket site
According to the website,, the closed circuit television, or CCTV, was invented by engineer Walter Burch. It was used for surveillance by Siemens in 1942 at a rocket launch site in Germany. The website says the first surveillance cameras in the United States were used in Olean, New York in 1962. Much as they are used by police today, the cameras were used in Olean in its business district to prevent crime.

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