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7am stumper 5-1-14

They're getting the ole gang back together! The newest "Star Wars" film will have Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford reprise their roles from the original flick. The six "Star Wars" movies, the spin-off programs and merchandising have made a ton of money.  Of course, few predicted this kind of success in 1977 when the first "Star Wars" film premiered.

Who was convinced that the 1977 "Star Wars" film would flop?
1. Steven Spielberg
2. George Lucas
3. Harrison Ford

The answer is: 2. George Lucas

According to the website,, the writer and director of "Star Wars," George Lucas, showed an early cut of the film to some of his director friends prior to the film's release. The website says most, including Lucas, thought it would be a flop. The person who thought it would be a success was Steven Spielberg, who predicted it would earn millions. That didn't convince Lucas, though. He was so sure the film would go down in flames that instead of attending the premiere, he went on vacation to Hawaii with his good friend, Spielberg. According to the website, thats where they came up with the idea for "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

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