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7am stumper 4-4-14

We're trying to put a positive spin on all the rain we've gotten lately. It does improve the chances of seeing a rainbow. Rainbows are somewhat rare, and beautiful, occurrences that happen when sunlight reflects and refracts through raindrops.

Which of the following is true about rainbows?
1. made up of only five colors
2. each person sees "different" rainbow
3. you can reach end of rainbow

The answer is: 2. each person sees "different" rainbow

These are facts about rainbows from the website for the Franklin Institute, which is a science museum in Philadelphia:

Most people only see seven colors in a rainbow, but it's made up of the entire color continuum, including colors the eye can't seen.  If you're looking for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, well... you can't find an end to a rainbow. That's because a rainbow is the result of reflection and refraction of sunlight through raindrops. That means as you move, your eyes do too, so the rainbow moves away from you as you move toward it. That's also partly the reason why it is true that every person sees a "different" rainbow. The rainbow you see is light bounced off certain raindrops. Someone next to you will see the light reflected off other raindrops. In addition, everyone's eyes interpret colors differently.

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