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7am stumper 4-24-14

Something remarkable happened at a baseball game this week.  Well, two things, actually. First, Angels 1B Albert Pujols hit his 499th and 500th home runs in a game on Tuesday.  Then a fan who caught the 500th ball gave it back to Pujols. That ball could have been valuable on the open market.

What's the most money paid for a piece of baseball memorabilia?
1. $2.2 million
2. $3.3 million
3. $4.4 million

The answer is: 3. $4.4 million

Angels' fan Tom Sherrill was in Washington, DC on Tuesday for Air Force training and took in the game against the Nationals. Sherrill was lucky enough to catch the milestone 500th ball and wanted to give it back to Pujols, no strings attached.  He got to meet Pujols and was given some baseball gear in return, but that ball could have been valuable to collectors. After all, only 26 people in the history of Major League Baseball have hit at least 500 home runs. It would not, however, demand the kind of money that a Babe Ruth jersey got. According to a post at Yahoo Sports, in 2012, a 1920 New York Yankees jersey worn by Ruth got a record $4,415,658. The jersey was worn by Ruth in his first season with New York after coming over from the Red Sox.

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