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7am stumper 4-23-14

Happy birthday Game Boy! Nintendo introduced the portable gaming device in this week in 1989 and it was a hit.

What game was bundled with the Game Boy when it was introduced in the U.S. in 1989?
1. Golf
2. Tetris
3. Zelda

The answer is: 2. Tetris

The Game Boy was first introduced during this week in 1989, and came to the United States a few months later. It's been a great success, selling nearly 120 million versions of the popular device and a half billion Game Boy games. According to the website for the National Toy Hall of Fame, the classic puzzle game Tetris came bundled with Game Boy when it was launched in the United States. Tetris appealed to a wide audience, not just hard core gamers. Additional titles at launch included Super Mario Land, which was already popular. The website,, says Super Mario Land was included with the Game Boy when it was initially launched in Japan.

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