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A Flood Warning is in effect for the Licking River in Robertson and southern Pendleton county through Thursday morning. A Winter Storm Warning is in effect for most of the Tri-State except for Franklin, and Butler County where a Winter Weather Advisory is in effect. The advisory and warning are in effect through 1pm Thursday. There are no advisories in effect for Fayette or Union Counties in Indiana.


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7am stumper 4-22-14

The New York International Auto Show is underway in Manhattan. It runs through April 27th and features the latest and greatest from automotive manufacturers. This show attracts a million people every year. Some of us, though, are more interested in keeping the wheels we already have on the road.

How many miles are on the car with most documented mileage?
1. one million miles
2. two million miles
3. three million miles

The answer is: 3. three million miles

Retired teacher Irv Gordon hit the three million mile mark in his trusty Volvo P1800 last fall. The story was on television and in a press release on the Volvo website. According to the Volvo site, Gordon never set out just to break a record in his cherry red 1966 Volvo. He had a 125-mile round trip daily commute and racked up more than a half million miles in the first ten years he had the car. The website said that Gordon reached a milestone that one one else has.

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