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7am stumper 4-21-14

The Boston Marathon is Monday, the 118th running of this high profile event. It also will get a lot of attention because of the bombings last year. However, this marathon always attracts elite athletes and a huge crowd of onlookers. During most of its history, the Boston Marathon is run on Patriots' Day.

How many states celebrate Patriots' Day?
1. two
2. four
3. eight

The answer is: 1. two

According to the history of the Boston Marathon on the race's website, from 1897-1968, the event was held on Patriots' Day, April 19, a holiday commemorating the start of the Revolutionary War.  It's recognized in only two states, Massachusetts and Maine. The race was run on the 19th except when the 19th fell on a Sunday.  In 1969, the holiday was officially moved to the third Monday in April. Since 1969, the race has been held on that Monday.

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