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7am stumper 4-18-14

As we approach Easter, it's probably no surprise that this holiday is one of the biggest of the year in terms of candy. The Easter baskets are full of peeps, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies. The National Confectioners Association surveys consumers about these things.

What percent of survey respondents eat the ears off a chocolate bunny first?
1. 47%
2. 68%
3. 89%

The answer is: 3. 89%

The National Confectioners Association website,, says 89 percent of survey respondents will eat the ears off a chocolate bunny first. Also from the survey, cherry is the most popular jelly bean flavor and 81 percent of parents steal a treat from their children's Easter baskets. The website estimates Easter candy sales this year in the U.S. will total 2.26 billion dollars.

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