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7am stumper 4-11-14

Still working on your federal taxes? The deadline to file is next week. As of the end of March, millions of returns have already been returned, many of them by "e-filing".

What percentage of federal tax returns, so far, have been filed electronically?
1. 71%
2. 81%
3. 91%

The answer is: 3. 91%

According to the Internal Revenue Service website, as of March 28, the IRS had received 82 million returns through electronic filing, or the "e-file" process. The website says that represents about 91 percent of returns filed this year. Only about 9 percent, or 8.3 million returns, were filed on paper. More taxpayers are embracing electronic filing. The website says the tax agency expects to get a total of 148 million tax returns this year, and only 23 million of those will be on paper. That's down seven percent from last year's paper return total.

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