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7 a.m. Stumper 6-13-14 says the first real automobile race finished on this date in 1895.  It was a 732 mile course from Paris to Bordeaux and back.  

What was average speed of first vehicle to complete the first automobile race?

1 - 15 mph
2 - 30 mph
3 - 45 mph

The answer is 1-15 mph says on June 13, 1895, Emile Levassor drove a two-cylinder four-horsepower automobile over the first finish line in the world's first real automobile race. The website says it took Levassor 49 hours to finish the 732-mile course, to average what was then an impressive speed of about 15 miles an hour. Levassor finished first out of 46 entries in the race, but was later disqualified on a technicality.  That means first place ended up awarded to a Peugeot that finished 11 hours after Levassor.

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