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7 a.m. Stumper 6-02-14

On this day in 1935, Babe Ruth ended his career. Ruth, as you know, was one of the greatest players in baseball history. He may be best known for his home run record that stood for so long, but Ruth left the game with a number of records. 

How many hitting records does Babe Ruth still hold?
1. two
2. three
3. four

The answer is: 1.  two

Nearly 80 years after he left the game, Babe Ruth still leads some offensive categories. Ruth retired on this date in 1935, and held a number of offensive records after his 22-season career. His record of home runs in a career held until 1974, but, Ruth still leads two offensive categories. According to statistics on the website for Major League Baseball, Ruth is on top of the OPS category. That's on-base percentage plus slugging percentage. He still leads the category for slugging percentage, too. He still in the top five of other areas. Ruth is second all-time in on-base percentage, and third in walks and career home runs. And... he's tied for fourth in number of runs scored.

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