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7 a.m. Stumper 5-9-14

Mother's Day is Sunday. Flowers are a popular gift for moms. Sales for the holiday make up a significant part of the yearly sales of flowers and plants.

What percentage of the yearly holiday sales of flowers and plants comes from Mother's Day?

1- 10%
2- 15%
3- 25%

The answer is 3- 25%

That's right,  a quarter of the holiday sales of flower and plants, for the year, take place for Mother's Day.  According to, more fresh flowers and plants are purchased for Mother's Day than for any other holiday except Christmas and Hanukkah.  Of course, we spend money on mom in other ways.  The national retail federation estimates total spending for the holiday will reach nearly $20-billion.  More than 80 percent of us will buy a card and two thirds will buy flowers or plants. 

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