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7 a.m. Stumper 5-8-14

The NFL draft begins Thursday evening. Teams do their homework and cross their fingers over these selections and that's especially true for the team that makes the very first pick in the draft. Some teams, however, have never had a number one overall pick. 

How many NFL teams have never selected the first player in the draft?

1- Two
2- Four
3- Six

The answer is 2- Four

According to the Bengals website, the Bengals have made the overall number one pick in the draft three times; the last time in 2003 for quarterback Carson Palmer.  There are four teams, however, that have never selected the first player in the draft.  That's according to  The website says those teams are Denver, Seattle, Baltimore and Jacksonville. says the Indianapolis Colts have made the most number one selections: seven times, five of which have been quarterbacks.

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