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7 am stumper 4-8-14

There's a new atomic clock at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado. This clock is used by everything from computer networks to banks, to make sure we're all running on the same time. And it's mind-blowing accurate.

How accurate is that atomic clock?

1. Loses one second every 300 years
2. Loses one second every 3000 years
3. Loses one second every 300-million years

The answer is: 3. Loses one second every 300-million years

Atomic clocks are way more accurate than those timepieces on your wrist. These types of clocks measure the natural vibrations in a cesium atom. It's said that this high-tech timekeeper won't lose a second for roughly 300-million years. CNN's website reports that this kind of accuracy is necessary for GPS devices to work correctly, or to coordinate telecommunications and power grids.

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