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7 a.m. Stumper 4-28-14

We've had a recent controversy over bicycle lanes on Central Parkway. That's not a problem in Portland, Oregon. The city's website says it has one of the highest percentages of bicycle commuters in the country.

What percentage of Portland, Oregon commuters use bicycles?

1 - 2%
2 - 4%
3 - 6%

The answer is: 3 - 6%

According to the website for the city of Portland, Oregon, the Portland Bureau of Transportation works to make bicycling an integral part of daily life. It says that six percent of its commuters used bicycles, and that this is the highest percentage of bike commuters for a large American city.  It translates that into more than 17,000 workers in Portland choosing to bicycle.  Six percent might not seem like a lot, but the Portland website says nationally, only 0.5% of commuters bicycle.  According to a study by the league of American bicyclists, Cincinnati hits that national number.  That study says that 0.5% of Cincinnati commuters use bikes, good for 54th place of the 70 largest cities.

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