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14-year-old claims to have met Jesus, says artist captured his image

IMPERIAL, Neb. (WKRC) -- Christians have always wondered what Jesus may have looked like.

A 14-year-old boy who claims he died and went to heaven in 2003 says he knows what Jesus looks like because he met him.

Colton Burpo describes Jesus as having brown hair, a brown beard and a very bright smile. He also says his eyes were sea blue. The new film "Heaven is For Real" chronicles Colton's story of nearly dying and being in heaven with Jesus and his deceased family members.

After his experience, Colton and his family spent years trying to find an image that resembled Colton's description. In 2006, Colton's father, Todd Burpo, saw a segment hosted by Glenn Beck on CNN that featured a young artist named Akiana Kramarik.

Kramarik is a painter and poet. She says she started having visions when she was four-years-old, claiming that God spoke to her. Kramarik started drawing and painting pictures of Jesus and heaven based on what she saw in her visions.

While watching the segment, CNN showed one of Kramarik's paintings titled "The Prince of Peace". Todd believed that the painting matched Colton's description, and Colton agreed that that was the most accurate resemblance he's seen.

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