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Receive alerts via text message
Get live, up-to-the-minute alerts on your mobile phone by SMS text message. Simply sign up for the desired content, and SMS text messages will be automatically sent to your mobile device.

Sign up for SMS alerts now!
Get up the minute breaking news alerts for the greater Cincinnati, Ohio, southeas tern Indian, and northern Ky areas. Text WKRCBREAKING to 45548

Text HELP for help
Text STOP to cancel
Message and data rates may apply

Are there any costs associated with this service?
There is no cost for this service from the station, but some carriers do charge a small fee to send or receive a text message*. Charges will appear on your mobile phone bill, or will be deducted from your pre-paid account. You will receive between five and 20 text messages per week, depending on your subscription selection.

How can I unsubscribe from SMS alerts?
Please refer to the most recent SMS message you have received. At the bottom of the message you will see instructions for unsubscribing. Typically, you will text the campaign keyword (i.e. BREAKINGNEWS) and STOP.

*Please check with your mobile phone service provider for SMS text messaging fees.
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