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Medical Edge: Prevent Blindness

Updated: Tuesday, March 11 2014, 05:19 PM EDT
CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- Prevent Blindness Ohio honors several "People of Vision" this week in our community.

It's all part of an education night focused on a real feast for the eyes.  When it comes to having an "eye" on your health, Lauren Abel credits some of her own success to what what she puts on her plate.

Lauren Abel said, "I am 50-years-old, and still don't need corrective lenses."

Abel is a  volunteer for Prevent Blindness. It is an organization that chooses to celebrate "People of Vision" each year.

Nyoshua Anderson tells us, "We pick a person every year that stands out as far as helping the community."

As part of that celebration and dinner this year Abel also helped design a sight saving salad to be served.  It includes quite a few of the foods that are now on the list of what you might say is a "feast for the eyes."  It has mixed greens and spinach, tomatoes, blue cheese, nuts and a few dried cranberries.

These foods all make this eye healthy list because inside the colors and flavors and textures of these foods, there's at least one nutrient that is good for your eye health.  And if these aren't your favorite don't worry the list is a pretty long one.  It also includes foods with vitamin C such as oranges, those  with vitamin E such as oils, salmon with omega three fatty acids and both yellow and green fruits and vegetables loaded with lutein and zeaxanthin.

These nutrients, along with an eye exam each year, can help you delay  cataracts which cloud vision and age related macular degeneration.  This is the leading cause of blindness with age.

When it comes to your eyes you get one pair and no spare so this team suggests you take a closer look at what's on your plate.

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