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Ask the Expert: How to lose the mommy middle

Updated: Wednesday, January 7 2015, 02:52 PM EST
CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- A local mom has a great question about how to lose the mommy middle after a woman has a baby.

It's been four months since Sarah Staffilino gave birth to her baby boy, David. Already the mother of Ari, Oliver and Sophia she knew that losing the mommy middle was one more priority in a very busy schedule.

Sarah said, "It's just a new normal, a new crazy."

But that new normal has worked with the help of instructor Andrea Tumler who also has two children and had to lose her own mommy middle. She enrolled in the class they call "Recess" because it was fitness that was a lot of fun. It all takes place in one hour just a few days a week.

Andrea told Local 12, "We do a lot of cardio moves for a couple of minutes followed by strength training."

The secret both Sarah and Andrea said has to do with short sprints of exercise in a very compact amount of time.

Andrea explained, "I think that doing interval training is the best. So mixing cardio strength training, core one hour, all at one time, very important."

For Sarah, it worked, "So I usually gain close to 40 pounds and I have lost 33 of it."

One of the things that Sarah did really well, she lost the mommy middle within the first year. There's some evidence that if a person don't lose it the first year it often doesn't come off at all. But don't be discouraged, anyone can lose it or the muffin top as it's often called, even later.

To drop the weight around your waist it's about consistency and time. Even as an instructor Andrea said it takes a good six to eight months to build up center or core strength which slowly slims a person down.

Anyone can take the recess class even if they are not a member at the TriHealth Fitness and Health Pavilion. CLICK HERE for more information.

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Ask the Expert: How to lose the mommy middle

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