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Health Alert: Blame the weather

Updated: Tuesday, November 18 2014, 09:02 AM EST
CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- The temperature could have people feeling a little under the weather according to a report from the Cleveland Clinic.

It was hard not to notice how beautiful the weather was as it cooled off for a couple of days.  And while that may have been good for heading outside, a report from the Cleveland Clinic said it could impact a person's health.

One study in the British Medical Journal found even a slight change in temperature, one degree Celsius or two degrees Fahrenheit, was linked to  200 extra heart attacks in the next 28 days.  Researchers said when the weather gets cooler the body wants to conserve heat and in order to do that the blood vessels become somewhat more constricted.  This can lead to changes in the heart and blood pressure.  Weather changes can influence joint pain from arthritis and some people experience more headaches and migraines.

If these symptoms are what a person is feeling it might be the weather to blame,  If they don't go away tell a doctor.

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