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Health Alert: Airline Cancer

Updated: Wednesday, December 17 2014, 04:20 PM EST
CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- Add another profession to the list of those at higher risk for skin cancer.

A new report released Wednesday from the Journal Dermatology had more information. It's not uncommon for people to think of those who lifeguard and get more sun or those who work outside long hours such as construction workers to be at higher risk for skin cancer. However, a new study said airline pilots, flight attendants and crew members can be added to that list.

This compared to rates of the general population they are at twice the risk for a deadly form of skin cancer according to dermatologists at the Cleveland Clinic. Researchers reviewed 19 studies assessing melanoma risk in airline crews and pilots. They concluded the rate was twice that of the general population.

It appears the sun through windows may be putting those flying at risk. Much like when a person rides in their car. Glass does not protect much against the harmful rays of the sun.

In those who fly there is even a greater danger. The authors of the study said flight height for most commercial airlines lead to twice the UV radiation rates compared to when people were on the ground. It was suggested those flying for a living regularly use sunscreen until more studies can be done to determine other possible interventions.

Remember that sunscreen must be reapplied every two hours and that sun damage still occurs even in the winter months.

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