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Balding Could Be Sign of Problems?

Updated: Monday, August 19 2013, 08:44 PM EDT
A report in the British Medical Journal Open says guys who are losing their hair may need to be screened earlier for certain health risks.

We tend to thinks of hair loss as just a vanity thing. A new report found depending on how your hair is receding or how you are balding, it could also play a role in your risk for heart disease.

A study of six larger studies, found that guys with a receding hair loss didn't have a problem. However those who are balding from the top of the head have a greater risk coronary artery disease. Researchers are not sure why. They say that men who have this pattern of baldness should likely get careful screening for higher cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and obesity. 

The risk increases with the severity of the hair loss and experts say it's possible it may have to do with insulin resistance, hormones or inflammation.

Since you can't change your genetics it's suggested you simply be aware  of this risk, and talk to your doctor. Until we can do something about stopping the hair loss, it's just one more thing researchers say we all should know about.

Balding Could Be Sign of Problems?

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