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Mariemont Senior Kicks to Fight Hunger

Updated: Friday, November 8 2013, 11:29 PM EST
MARIEMONT, Ohio (Brad Johansen) -- When you’re a kicker, you’re either the hero, or a goat. 

Mariemont’s Han Hinesbaugh was the latter this season kicking the Warriors into the playoffs.  But it occurred to Hans that maybe his field goals should be worth more than 3 points.  He made that happen, and fed off of every kick.

He's not a big guy.  5’8”, 140 pounds.  Doesn't look like a player but Hans Hinebaugh's got game.

“Ever since I started kicking I feel I was blessed with the talent and I said how can I use this for good because that was something I thought I had to do.”

So Hans started knocking on doors of businesses in Mariemont asking for money.  Inspired by a mission trip he took to Cancun, he wanted to raise money for the hungry in Cincinnati.

“For every point I score,” he would say, “would you donate money to feed those in need?”

The little guy's a pretty good salesman too.

“Last year it wasn't really well known so I just took it to City Gospel Mission and said here you go and they said, ‘Oh we didn't know you were doing this!’”

The check was for more than 3,800 dollars.

It's pretty extraordinary for someone so young to have such a big heart, it's pretty unique.”

So this year Hans amped it up and got a prominent Cincinnatian to donate 100 dollars a point in addition to repeat customers, and kids from school jumping on board.

He's 7-10 on field goals.  25 for 25 in extra points for 46 total.

“The goal this year was 5,000 and as of last week it's 7 or 8 thousand.”

This will provide meals for more than 5,000 of Cincinnati’s hungry.

He wants to be an animator for Disney one day.  USC film school, Pepperdine, Yale are among the choices for the senior with a 4.43 GPA on a four point scale.

He's not big, but he's a player.  And he's still kicking.Mariemont Senior Kicks to Fight Hunger

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