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Brad's Blog - 10/30/13

Okay, let's play a quick round of football town/baseball town.

I think it's fair to say we all believe the Bengals are in prime position, halfway through the season, to make the playoffs. It would be their third consecutive year of making the postseason. They haven't advanced past the first round since January of 1991.
The Reds made the playoffs again, for the third time in four years. They haven't advanced past the first round since 1995.

I will grant your wish. Both the Bengals and the Reds win. No, they don't get to win it all. They just get to advance past the first round, and you get to be there for the game that clinches (we have to start slowly in the 'Nati).

The TV ratings aren't even close. Bengals regular season games on average quadruple Reds ratings.

But I'll let you choose. Do you want to be in a seat behind the dugout at GABP for the Reds moving on to the NLCS, or on the 50-yard line club seat at PBS for the Bengals winning their first playoff game in 24 years?

Let me know what you think, and why. Enjoy the game.

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